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Divorce Process: Court dates and availability


It’s coming up to Easter and the summer holidays are just round the corner. You might not be thinking of going anywhere in particular – getting divorced can be unsettling and expensive – but nevertheless, it’s important that you plan ahead for any trips or occasions that would mean that you aren’t available, just in case you are required to be in court.

Let your solicitors know well in advance. That way, they can send a list of dates to the court – just as they do for themselves so that they’re not double-booked on different cases. The courts will use the information to try to avoid listing your hearing on a day that you would find difficult to attend. They have tight and busy schedules, so there are times when your plans simply can’t be accommodated; but then at least you will know in sufficient time to try to reorganise your own arrangements to fit in with the divorce process.

If you don’t let anyone know, you might find that you are faced with the choice of either cancelling your plans (which could turn out to be costly) or not turning up at court for your hearing and incurring the wrath of the judge, which is definitely the worse option. But you can’t be in two places at once! The only alternative is to spend money making an application through your solicitors for the court to change the hearing date – which may or may not be agreed.

So, remember to make your solicitors aware of anything that might prevent you being in court, whether that’s going on holiday, or going to hospital for an operation… whatever time of year it might happen, so that they can notify the court in good time. Don’t put your life on hold. But don’t make life more difficult for yourself than it needs to be either.

For advice about this or any other aspect of the divorce process, don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Isaacs Solicitors today.

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