Do I need to renew my Will?


renewing my will

The vast majority of people make more than one Will over the course of their lifetime. It is important to review your Will from time to time, but always in the following circumstances:

  1. You get married or enter into a civil partnership

If your Will was not stated to be made in expectation of your marriage or civil partnership then your Will automatically ends when you get married or enter into a civil partnership. Unless you make a new Will, you will die without a Will and the laws of intestacy will determine what happens to your assets.

  1. You get divorced or your civil partnership is dissolved

Any gift in your Will to your former spouse or civil partner will automatically become invalid from the date of your divorce/the dissolution of your civil partnership. Also, if you appointed your former spouse or civil partner as your executor this will no longer be valid. You should make a new Will to reflect your new circumstances.

  1. You separate from your spouse or partner

Separation, judicial separation and separation orders have no effect on a Will. However, if you no longer want your spouse or partner to inherit from you or be your executor, you need to update your Will.

  1. If your executor or a beneficiary under your Will dies

Your Will may already provide for what happens in the event of the death of your executor or a beneficiary. If it does not, you may need to change your Will.

  1. You have new additions to your family

It is an exciting time when your family expands to include new children or grandchildren. You may want to change your Will to include new family members. Parents with children under 18 should always think about appointing a guardian (although this does not need to be part of a Will).

  1. Your assets have changed significantly

Sometimes Wills need updating because you either have more assets than you used to or because you no longer have the assets you used to have (e.g., you have sold your home).

  1. You have simply changed your mind

We can explore your options if you have changed your mind, just contact us and we can advise the best way to carry out your new wishes.

If you are undecided over whether you need to renew your Will or indeed would like to arrange for a new Will, give us a call to arrange a consultation.

Ginette McCaffery Wills, Probate & Trusts Specialist Solicitor








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Article dated:  21.11.23



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