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How can I find out where my children are living?


where are my children living

How can I find out where my children are living?

As a parent, ensuring the safety and well-being of your children is a top priority. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for families to experience changes in living arrangements due to divorce, separation, or relocation. If you find yourself wanting to know where your children are living, it is essential to approach the situation with sensitivity and of course, legally.

There are various steps you can take to find out where your children are living such as communication, seeking legal advice, informing family members, reviewing court documents and contacting relevant authorities.


Open and honest communication between parents is fundamental towards ensuring you are aware of your children’s living situation. If you have a cooperative relationship with the other parent or guardian, then it should be simple to ensure that any changes in address be shared.

Court Documents:

Review any orders related to ‘live with’ and ‘spend time with’ arrangements that were made during divorce or separation proceedings. These orders outline where the children will live and how spending time with the children will be arranged. If you are uncertain about the details, seek legal advice from a trusted professional to ensure you understand your rights and responsibilities. Additionally, review any parenting plans that have been previously made which may be helpful to understand how changes in locations should be communicated.

Contact the School:

If your children are of school age and you have parental responsibility, then you are entitled to contact their school and enquire about their current address. Schools usually maintain updated records of students, including their primary residence. Ensure you have legal authority to access this information and respect the school’s privacy policies.

Seek Legal Advice:

Seek the advice from a family law firm to explore your options and determine the best course of action. They can provide guidance on the legal aspects of your situation and help you understand the steps you can take to find out where your children are living without breaking any laws. They can help you understand your rights, review existing court orders, and guide you on the appropriate steps to take. If necessary, they can assist in filing an application with the court. This could involve modifying existing court orders or seeking an emergency order to address immediate concerns.

Contact the Police:

If you have reason to believe that your child is in danger or that their whereabouts are unknown, you can contact the police. They may be able to assist in locating your child, especially if there is a court order in place. However whilst they can reassure you that your child is ‘safe and well’, they will not give you the address.

Children’s Services:

If you have serious concerns about the safety of your child, you may contact children’s services. They can provide guidance and support during the process. Doncaster Children’s Services Trust’s website provides helpful information regarding safeguarding and you can report a safeguarding concern to the local authority via this link Children’s Services – Social Care and Safeguarding – City of Doncaster Council. This step should only be taken if the concerns are serious as repeated reports can be dismissed as malicious.


While it’s natural for parents to be concerned about their children’s well-being, it’s crucial to approach the situation responsibly and legally. Open communication, respect for privacy, and adherence to legal processes are key principles to follow when seeking information about your children’s living arrangements. Every circumstance is unique but by maintaining a cooperative and understanding attitude, you can work towards ensuring the safety and happiness of your children, even in complex family dynamics. Seeking legal advice from a family lawyer will help ensure that you take the appropriate steps based on your unique predicament.

How could we help you?

Not knowing the location of your children can be overwhelming and stressful. Seek the advice of a legal professional before making any major decisions. At Andrew Isaacs Law, we offer advice to people who are trying to establish child arrangements and to those who have child arrangements orders in place. We provide support and clarity during stressful times alongside valuable advice to navigate child arrangements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a fixed-fee consultation. We understand that all circumstances are unique and will help to secure the best outcome for you.

ella walker

Ella Waller 

Family Law Paralegal 

Article dated 29/01/2024

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