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Even when you know that your marriage is over, it can be a huge step to contact a solicitor to start divorce proceedings. Picking up the phone, dialling the number – it might seem as though you’re setting in motion an unstoppable process.

Don’t worry, in reality it’s not like that. When you call the solicitor, you’re not committing yourself to anything. You will need to give a brief outline of your situation, but you won’t be asked to recount everything over the phone, just a few basic facts to establish that the solicitor can help with your problem. You’ll also need to give your name and contact details. This information is confidential but if you’re anxious that contact from the solicitor might put you in an awkward position, say at home, you should say so, so that you can work out how you will be able to keep in touch.

The phone call is only likely to be short – the last step (but only if you want to) is probably that you will make an appointment to come in and see the solicitor, so make sure you have your diary with you, or know which dates and times you are available. Ask, or check if you already have an idea, how much this initial interview might cost. Find out too what you can cover during your time there, so that you know what to expect, and make a note of any information or documents you need to bring in with you when you come.

And the first appointment? You’re not committing yourself to anything then either, beyond the time and cost of the meeting itself.

At any stage, you might decide that you’re actually not ready to start divorce proceedings; or you might only want to find out the facts before you even consider taking it any further. From Andrew Isaacs Solicitors, you will get straight talking so you’ll have the information and the confidence to make the right decision for you.

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