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Hi, My name’s Andrew Isaacs. I am a divorce lawyer, thank you for visiting my website.

You’re probably wondering what I’ve got on… why I am wearing this tie… what on earth I am doing as a sensible lawyer doing that.

Now, I’ll give you an answer, and that is that I also have a secret – and what I do is I have a regular weekly radio show. Yeah, we have a chat show, which I host, and we have on every week. We’ve got people coming on who live in my home town. Now the show is called ‘Doncaster is great’, and if you live in Doncaster, you’ll understand why – and if you don’t, come along and you’ll find out.

And what we do is we chat.

It’s on a Wednesday at 10 o’clock, for one hour. And the radio station is Doncaster’s only community radio station. It’s called ‘Sine FM’, and if you go onto the internet at you can listen live to any of the shows that are on. You can also find on there a podcast of every show as well.

And what you’ve got, which I will show you now on my iPad is the page on Sine FM website, where it shows details about our chat show, which is called ‘Doncaster is great’. Underneath my photo is a link for a guest information sheet. So if you go on there, click the weblink on there – then you can see what is involved.

So if you want to come along, let me know, and I am more than happy to have you.

Now I can’t promise that I’ll always be wearing as colourful a tie as this on every show, but it’s important that you show a bit of character, I think, and there’s more to life than work – also there’s a little bit of fun. And also working with people, and that’s what the show does.

So I try to help people with whatever I do – whether I am at work or not, so… that’s it.

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