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Pre-nup part 4 of 4: two examples of recent pre-nup cases

We have seen in this mini-series how there has been a shift towards giving effect to pre-nup agreements. That’s all very […]

Pre-nup part 3 of 4: is it right for me?

As I mentioned in Part 2, pre-nups or prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular. As the average age for a first marriage continues […]

Pre-nup part 2 of 4: is my property safe?

A recent article in the Telegraph reported that the last few months have seen a surge in the number of couples contacting […]

Pre-nup part 1 of 4: what is a prenup – prenuptial agreement?

‘Prenup‘ stands for pre-nuptial agreement, which is a financial agreement you make with your partner before you get married. It sets […]