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We are known for our commitment and strength in the way we represent clients and put their cases before the courts.

We do not like to fail and we prepare each case we conduct very thoroughly. Preparation is the key to success. We will involve our client fully in the work that needs to be undertaken wherever possible. This not only keeps you in the loop but also reduces the cost as we do not then need to charge for work that you do.


What our clients say

“I have had a wonderful experience with this law office, I really felt I mattered and was taken seriously”

Claudia Wolf

What our clients say

“I would highly recommend Andrew Isaacs to anyone that is looking for a positive result in court”

Mark Ellis - Director at Vibe Music

What our clients say

“When a close friend told me the distressing news of his marriage breakdown I had no hesitation in recommending the services of Andrew Isaacs

Chris Rumley - Sales Team Leader/Account Manager at Trupart Ltd

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I want to tell you something that not many people know about me. And it’s to do with these things. I grew up in Africa.

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Expats and divorce, how does it work and how we can help

Unfortunately marriage breakdown happens to everybody wherever they live – whether they live in England or live in China.

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Cheap divorce – maybe not and here’s why!

There is an old saying in life that “you tend to get what you pay for”, and unfortunately that really applies to a cheap divorce.

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