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A Will is a legal document that allows you to choose what will happen to your money, property, and possessions (known as your estate) when you die.

Your Will can determine who should be responsible for dealing with your estate, this person is known as the Executor of your Will and their role will be to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Why it is important to have a Will?

The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Having a Will makes it a lot easier for your loved ones to sort out your affairs when you die. Not having a Will can delay matters and cause unnecessary worry and stress at an already difficult time in their lives.
  2. Where there is no Will, the Estate can be shared out as defined by the law, which may not be what you would have wanted.
  3. Inheritance tax may be payable on any properties or money that you leave behind. Having a Will can help to reduce this.
  4. Where children are involved, your Will can determine who should raise the children (this is known as guardianship) and who should deal with any financial aspects on their behalf.
  5. Unmarried couples who are living together have no automatic right to a share of their partner’s Estate under the Intestacy Rules. Having a Will in place would ensure that your partner is looked after following your death.

What will happen to an existing Will following Divorce or Separation?

Following a divorce (if the Decree Absolute is issued) your ex-spouse would no longer benefit from the Estate, that is unless you specifically requested this.   Anything your spouse was set to inherit, would automatically be passed on to the next beneficiary named in your Will.  If no other beneficiaries have been named, then the Estate would be dealt with as if you did not have a Will.  This is known as dying “intestate”.

If you are separated and awaiting a divorce at the time of death (and the Decree Absolute has not yet been issued) then your spouse would still have a claim on the Estate but in reality, this only relates to pension sharing provisions.

What will happen to an existing Will if I get Married?

Once you get married your existing Will would become void (that is of course unless specific provision is made in the Will regarding your previous spouse).

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